young women who don’t want to be pregnant

live life fearlessly

giving them resources to understand their body

Pregnancy is a big, exciting, hopeful thing...for some. But, not much of the conversation around pregnancy focuses on the people who don’t want to be pregnant. What about the women praying the test comes back negative?

Pregmate sells pregnancy and ovulation tests in bulk, putting them in a unique position to talk to the group of women who are focused on pregnancy prevention, a group that is almost always ignored when it comes to pregnancy tests.

KEY INSIGHT: Not everyone wants to be pregnant.

With bulk pregnancy and ovulation tests, women can focus on intention, using pregmate as a way to track their cycle so they can feel confident in their decisions.

So, I present to you, the first pregnancy test brand that’s goal is empowering women, not just congratulating them when they get pregnant.

plan a, of course, to prevent &
plan b, to protect            

Strategy: Carinne Crum
Art Direction: Sydney Christensen
Copywriting: Sydney Illum
App Design: Bri Lucero
UX Design: Jeymi Gomez