tech-savvy gen-zers who DID NOT “kill email”

embrace all their gmail accounts

showing all the different pieces of the puzzle they represent

One sunny day I was regretfully pondering my first gmail account: The more I talked to people, the more I realized how this was a universal experience this was for kids growing up with access to technology. Things like:,, and

Crazy enough, more than 50% of adults have 2 or more email addresses, and 28% of adults have more than four email addresses. And based on a survey I wrote and conducted, 85% of people create a new email for a new purpose. 

A new purpose such as the new hobby they’re embracing, their passion for accounting, or their email to give gardening advice on their blog.

KEY INSIGHT: Passions and hobbies make up who you are.

Different email addresses are like a different window into a person’s life. Something that should be put on display, not hidden behind a curtain.

Strategy: Carinne Crum
Art: Kate Slobodian
Copy: McKay Fritz