cheesy instagram inspirational posters

focus on getting to know themselves

redefining what it means to love yourself

Glossier: Everyone’s favorite beauty brand. WNRS: a card game all about loving deeper. Somehow the perfect pair? Let me explain.

71% of consumers say they enjoy when brands come together to create a unique product, and they (market research experts) say that “the best collaborations are those that truly bring value to both sides.”  Co branding can be tricky: the brands have to have shared values, otherwise it will feel forced and ingenuine. 

When looking at brands that could pull something so big off, one of the most important thing to consider is the level of brand loyalty in customers. When new products take a different direction through a collaboration, brand loyalists are the ones that will take your products home. It would need to be new, exciting, and highly shareable on Instagram to reach aspirational instagram posters.

Then it hits me: It needs to be done by a brand that has never done it before

KEY INSIGHT: People have a fundamental need to feel known and loved (thank you Abraham Maslow).

Why are glossier and WNRS the perfect pair? Glossier is all about loving yourself with or without makeup. WNRS means business when the topic is getting to know someone so deepy it could make you cry. Plus, for a social campaign, they have set the perfect stage..

I present to you....

A social campaign:

that includes a twist on the original WNRS game, centered around beauty:

with new products that focus on your natural beauty:

and of course, some merch to top it all off:

Strategy: Carinne Crum
Art Direction: Bri Lucero
Copywriting: Izzy Vaclaw
Content Creation: Daniella Aaron
Project Manager: Lucy Nielson