People can’t agree on how to use milk. I conducted interviews with 18-24 year olds to understand the role that milk plays in their everyday life. Some of the following quotes emerged:

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Milk is a such a fascinating thing that everyone has a different opinion on. “Oat milk is best in cereal because it tastes like grains!” “No, oat milk is best in smoothies because it keeps it healthy!” Well guess what, I don’t like oat milk. Good thing I can still see the insights surrounding it!

As I began to see the passion people around me had for milk, I took a little trip to taste test city myself. And to my surprise! I honestly hated it all! Almond milk is boring, coconut milk tastes too watery, and oat milk is just weird. 

All my friends favorite milks:

Oat milk:
︎︎︎ Sophie
︎︎︎ Julia

︎︎︎ Haley
︎︎︎ Elena
Almond milk:
︎︎︎ Camille
Coconut milk:
︎︎︎ Maggie
2% milk:
︎︎︎ Me

But this isn’t about me. It’s about people who are weirded out by cow’s milk and just need to be pushed off the edge of the nut milk cliff. And they are looking for someone to hold their hand on the journey into the unknown.


dairy questioners

start their journey into plant milk
giving them the shameful push they need