I love billie, but I hate shaving. Not even a bright pink razor could make me want to shave my body. Unfortunately, that is not very feminine of me. Women must be gorgeous hairless cats at all times. The crazy thing about that is hairless cats are really ugly. And also they’re scary.

Choosing to tame your body hair is like embarking on a journey to tame a wild beast. One of those journeys that your mom hates and won’t stop calling you to beg you not to go on because your aunt heard of someone that went there and died. Yep, this journey is that intense. So you better have a strong will.

It would be a perfect and beautiful world if you could just shave however you want, undictated by the oppressive patriarchy. I hate that old thing!


social shavers

base their shaving habits off of how they feel

embracing not-so-typical practices

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Strategy: Carinne Crum
Art Director: Sydney Costa
Model: Sophie Gee
PA: Camille Whisenant